A Full Bridge Rectifier is an electrical object and a popular running gag on ElectroBOOM

Mehdi's Sketch of a Full Bridge Rectifier


A full bridge rectifier, or more simply, a bridge rectifier, is an arrangement of four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration, which provides the same output polarity for either input polarity. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output.

Running Gag

The term 'Full Bridge Rectifier" has become a running gag on the ElectroBOOM show. Whenever Mehdi needs to use a bridge rectifier, he usually refers to it as a "FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER" while shouting into the camera. This became a meme among Mehdi's viewers and escalated into a full-blown running gag, which became so popular an official ElectroBOOM T-Shirt bearing a sketch of the rectifier and some text explaining what it is has become a major merchandising spot for Mehdi. To this day, whenever Mehdi needs a bridge rectifier in a video, he screams "A FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIAH" into the camera while some sort of editing trick, like a shaking camera, is inserted for further entertainment. 
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Mehdi holding a Full Bridge Rectifier in his hand.